Giovanni Bottigelli S.p.A. has received the Prime Company certificate, a recognition of absolute reliability issued by Cribis.

Cribis is a corporation specialized in supplying information about credit rating, creditworthiness and financial rating. It refers to the italian CRIF and the international Dun & Bradstreet and offers a world wide coverage of financial and economical insights.

Cribis Prime Company is a recognition that certifies a company as absolutely reliable on the financial point of view. At the moment only the 8% of the Italian companies meet the criteria to be considered a Prime Company.

Among the various indicators that are analyzed to garantee the trustworthiness, there are the failure score, deliquency score and paydex score. Verfying these indicators, Giovanni Bottigelli S.p.a. proved to be a reliable partener in all respects. The prospect of failure is close to zero, there’s a strong financial backing and we have an excellent paydex score.

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