Are vinyl tablecloths ecological?

When we think about plastic, we usually associate it with products harmful to the environment and our health.

This holds true when it comes to single-use plastic products such as bottles, small food containers, or utensils.

But plastic can also be used in a wider and much more durable variety of ways, whose environmental impact is significally lower. In particular, when we compare a plastic product to more ecological ones we have to take into consideration the energy used in order to produce it, maintain it and of course dispose of it.

Plastic isn’t biodegradable by nature (it doesn’t dissolve in water), but it can be recycled and that’s why it is very important to differentiate it.

Plastic is also one of the most pliable materials in existence: it can be shaped into any forms while retaining strenght and durability, for this reason it is very difficult to find a product that offers the same performances.

What we do for the environment and why our tablecloths are eco-friendly

Recyclement and environmental sustainability are two important values for Bottigelli.

Our plastic sheet is always composed by a percentage of plastic waste deriving from our own production or even other producers’ in order to better focus on reusability and less pollution: in fact, for each kg of recycled material we avoid producing close to 2kg of CO2 every single time.

We also limit the usage of our packaging by mainly selling our tablecloths in meters lenght instead of only using pre-made packages. This also helps during delivery where more products can be stacked together alowing for less transportations.

The maintainance cost of our tablecloths is also extremely low, due to being easy to wash, even without cleaning products or extensive washing cycles. This helps saving up two very important resources such as water and electricity. Furthermore, many acrylic and synthetic products tend to disperse micro-plastics molecules when hard washed or during laundry, which are harmful polluting agents.

As European producers we are also strictly required by law to produce within certain parameters of emissions and waste disposal, a process that doesn’t apply to developing countries.

Our PVC sheet is made by raw materials that respect REACH regulations, an european legislation which controls hazards concerning people and the environment. We’re planning to further decrease our emissions thanks to an important investment in our printing plant.

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